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3771 Mission Street San Francisco CA 94110

(415) 970-0375


Chico's Grill is a small Mexican Restaurant in the Mission serving "Authentic Mexican Cuisine". Chef Hilario, from Mexico has worked for many popular restaurants in the City (Tadich Grill, One Market...) and now lives his lifelong passion and dream of serving mouth watering meals in San Francisco California;from locals to tourists; EVERYONE is welcome here.

Stop by and try some of The Best Mexican Food in the Bay area. We specialize in everything from day starting delicious breakfasts, lunch and when it comes to meals- this is the dinner spot for you! We have have a the delicious ingredients and the "know how" skills needed in brininging that unique Mexican flavor in food. We look forward to seeing you.

Chef Hilario Chico (Owner):

Came from a small town South of Mexico City; Puebla in 1984. Chef Chico worked in many fine restaurants including Tadich Grill & One Market. After gaining knowledge and experience in the restaurant business, he decided to open Olivia's Brunch and Fine Dining with another chef friend of his; Jose. This place has the immediate feeling of being cared for and served.

The hospitality is heart warming. Using grape seed oils as well as extra virgin olive oils and canola oils - Hilario takes spride in offering a more HEALTHIER side to all of his meals, preparing organic tortillas, roasted Poblano peppers, peeled and filled with vegetables & walnuts sauce & other delicious spices. Come try his wonderful delicious vegeterian Tamales, or his "Mole" Tamales that will keep you coming back each time for more.

Location: 3771 Mission Street San Francisco CA 94110   |   Phone: (415) 970-0375

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